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aAPI Scholarship Fund


Please send the documents via email. Do not send it via regular mail. There is no formal application to complete. Send two copies of your documents, one with name identification, duly notarized and the other with all name identification removed which does not have to be notarized. The later one will be sent to the judges for review.

Deadline for application submission is July 31st or otherwise notified by the committee.

Scan and email documents to the following address:

General Guidelines for awards: To be eligible for application

  1. The applicant must be of Indian origin. (Candidate, One of the Parent or Grand Parent must have been a citizen of India on or after August 15th 1947)
  2. Be a high school senior class of 2020 in North Alabama
  3. Graduating from high school in North Alabama (Colbert, Dekalb, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall and Morgan counties)
  4. Have aspirations of living and working in the North Alabama area.
  5. It is mandatory to claim the award in person at the annual meeting of Alabama API. Failure to do so will result in the award being given to the next deserving candidate.
  6. The recipients of the awards will be decided by the sole direction of the Selection Committee based on above guidelines and the Judges’ decisions are final.
  7. A candidate can apply only once for consideration. In other words, a candidate cannot apply more than once for the scholarship.

Evaluation criteria for the Awards based on grades and other activities:

  1. Applicant should write an essay (500 words max - double spaced) detailing their goals and ambition and why they should be chosen for the scholarship.
  2. Evaluation is based on scores allotted for a combination of scholastic scores, candidate’s extracurricular achievements and community service activities.
  3. The candidate must be accepted or currently enrolled in an undergraduate college preferably in state.
  4. Deadline for application submission is July 31st or otherwise notified by the committee.

The candidates must attach the following with the application:

There is no formal application form to complete.

List of supporting documents:

  1. SAT or ACT scorecard. (Must be Notarized)
  2. School Transcript/Grades (Must be Notarized)
  3. Proof of fees payment at a US accredited university.
  4. Maximum 500 words Essay/Personal statements detailing the goals and reasons for application for the scholarship.
  5. Documents supporting extracurricular activities, volunteering services and Scholarships.
  6. Contact information including cell phone number and an email address. Please send a valid email address as you will be notified about the results via email.

Scholarship details:

  1. One scholarship of $2500 will be awarded.
  2. Scholarship will be merit based to applicants who are selected by a selection committee of 5 people that will include 2-3 dues-paying aAPI members and 2-3 other community leaders who are not physicians.
  3. The appointed selection committee will be kept secret and expected to serve for a term of 2 years with the possibility of one renewal for a maximum of 4 years.
  4. The selection committee will be nominated by a special committee of aAPI leadership who were involved in creation of the aAPI scholarship fund
  5. The special committee will be a permanent board, replaced only by death or by voluntary resignation of one of the members. In that event the remaining members will, by 3/4 vote, chose another member to be a part of the special committee.
  6. The members of this special committee for nominating the scholarship fund selection committee will be

a. Amit Chakrabarty MD

b. Gowtham Mulpur MD

c. Tarak Vasavada MD

d. Shashi Kumar MD

e. Smita Shah MD


  1. The decision of the selection committee regarding the choice of the candidate will be final and binding. Any controversies, disagreement or alleged misappropriations will have to given in writing to the Special committee who will act as the final decider in these cases. All parties agree to bind by these rules and wave any right to jury trial and, if not satisfied with the above, agree to arbitration by a local judge the cost of which will be borne by the party bringing the complaint.
  2. The above rules may be modified by a proposal approved by ¾ majority of the Special Committee and ratified by 50% of General Body.

Mailing Address:

Alabama Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (aAPI)
P.O. Box 532
Huntsville, AL 35804

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